Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Roller Coaster...Now I'm Ready For It To Stop

Hello Friends!

Whew!  Life has been throwing some major curveballs lately at me and my family and WOW, we are still making it.  Happy and on the healthy part.  I must say that I truly love my husband.  He has been nothing but supportive and a trooper with what life has been dealing us lately.  He is my best friend and my rock and I don't think I could stay sane without him. Now to get you up to speed.

Health--Jeez.  When it rains, it pours.  As mentioned in previous blogs, I haven't been feeling right and things had finally come to a head.  A sharp wave of pain in my belly...hasn't stopped for over a month.  A battery of tests later, no diagnosis.  Pain, as you know, sucks.  It can suck the happiness and drive right out of you.  That is how I have been feeling.  And knowing me...I bottle it up, don't ask for help and keep over stretching my limits.  I finally broke.  I let it all out in one explosion.  Poor husband.  But in doing so, it opened my eyes to what I had been doing.  Ignoring my needs and the wants of my husband and friends to help!  So during this time, I have been leaning heavily on my hubby and one friend in particular who seems to understand more than anyone (God love you Katie Ellen).  So as of the 14th, I was told that I need to chill and that [the doctor] is going to treat my "spastic stomach."  Well, there is that.

$$$$--When you just start getting your head above water, it seems someone is taking your head and shoving it back in.  AH!  No car payment and liability insurance...a blessing.  Right now, yes.  Because anything that can go wrong, is.  Hubby's car...breaks down.  Ethan...allergic reaction.  Find out...I owe Mom a lot of accident.  Break this...lose that...have to replace.  No break!

So, I said to myself, "What can I fix now?"  The answer, me.  My stress.  My attitude.  My lifestyle.  My dear friend Katie gave me a book and said that she hopes it gives me some peace.  So far..she's is.  I needed that. 

The point of all of this.  Nothing.  Just cherish the happy and beautiful moments and love those in your life unapologetically and with your whole self.  Don't forget about you and remember those who love you want to be there for you.

With love.

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