Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ever Had One of Those Days?

Hello Everyone!

Have you ever just had "one of those days"? Lately, it seems that everyone is! Life likes to throw curveballs once in a while. It is what you do with those curveballs that makes or breaks you. Recently, I have had to sit down and rediscover my "why" for a lot of things in my life.

Events as of late has made me take a hard look at my life. Recent struggles have really put things in perspective. I'm making the promise to myself to truly dedicate myself to things that I hadn't wholeheartedly had before.

Health and fitness. What a big one! I thought to myself, "My family is number one in my priority. Why am I allowing myself to live with high blood pressure? Why am I staying over weight?" Bingo. Focus, Tianne! My home business allows for me to keep chemicals out of my house and I do that for my son, why shouldn't I give myself the best too? I'm cutting out all of the poison out of my life.

Home Business. Life was throwing me those pesky curve balls left and right and I lost focus with my home business. Now I work for a great real estate team and I'll be doing that too soon as well but I am still wanting to get back on track with my home business. The company offers stability, health, wholesome values..what more can I ask for? So for now, I make a promise to myself to dedicate 8 hours per week to my home business. Small amount of time for a HUGE gain. For those of you wondering...www.internetceomoms.com/tianne.

Wifehood. My husband is my world (next to my bean) and I want to make sure that he knows that every day for the rest of our lives. I have always made an effort to do so but now it is even more critical.

I gave myself an allotted period of time to wallow and run from the issues. Now it is time to put my big girl panties on and charge forward!


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