Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Taking the First Step

"Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase. " ~~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

How true is that?  Making a new path for yourself or trying something new can be so scary.  Change can be intimidating.  But when you know in your heart that something bigger and better is out there for you that first step towards the "new you" is so critical. 

With this being said, making money, supporting your family and putting food on the table is a critical and necessary thing.  Working is a necessary evil and most people are so unhappy with what they do for a "living".  Is this really a "living"?  You should love what you do to make that "living" so much more enjoyable!

Some of my favorite things about life are the people in it.  Having a loving family and exceptional friends, that make life enjoyable!  So this venture with the Finding Freedom Team (www.Family1stNow.com) has been my first step to making a "living".  Connecting with others, making new friends and enhancing lives...you can't get much better that that.

What do you enjoy most about life that could make-making a "living" so much better?  Are you ready to take that step?  Do you have faith in what you love most?

Think about it.


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  1. Hi Ti,
    Very true....It feels good knowing when you are in the right place at the right time and partnered with a business partnership :-) that gets better every year!!! Great post - thanks for sharing!