Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Inspiration of the Day

I have a quote of the day love affair.  I love being inspired and feeling like I have a "mantra" for the day.  It helps me focus.  The quote I saw today was:  "Anything you could ever want or be you already have and are."~David Russell, I Heart Huckabee's.  This really spoke to me today.  Most people, especially in America want more, spend too much and focus on what they don't have.  But why can't we see the beauty and strength that we already have.  The motivation you can find, even when you feel like you have none, just by knowing you have people who love you, great friends and a roof over your head should make you want to be better, to improve.

Some may look at that quote and say, "No, Tianne. How would this motivate you to want more when this implies you shouldn't want more but to appreciate what you have now."  I say, yes, appreciate what you have but strive to improve your outlook and focus on surrounding the beauty that you have with positive influences. Be it making money, etc.  So yes, you should want more to make the things in your life that you love and are better and beautiful.

Be open.  Listen.  Learn.  But appreciate what you have now, not what you don't. 

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